Thursday, October 25, 2012


What kind of story this time.. huhu.. hujan melanda di serdang. Aku kesunyian kesorangan di kolej aku. Haha. Don't know what to do. Just lying on my bed and do nothing. Play my android only. What the heck. Such a boribg activity i have wgile the others having a happy time with their family.. oh!! How jealous i am.. tp xpe lah. Just back to the main topic.


Jajangmyun.. ape story.???
Haaa,, mai la nk cite neh.. this happened on my birthday.. which is 19oct.. da smngu da lepas.. tp dae nk ucp pon d persilakan. Haha. Wat muka x malu. Kah4.. by the way.. that jajangmyun is actually my birthday gift.. haha.. gift ke.?? Its ok lamm kire gift la.. that was the first time i taste it.. erghhhh.. i cant told what its taste.. haha.. but for those qho cancoop wif the taste i think its ok maybe
But for me. I just can eat it a luttle bit.. cant finish it all..
That jajangmyun i ate it at sopoong korean food berjaya times square.. sesapa nk trY PEg la.. haha.. tp make ayre bring a lot of money.m just in case.. well stakat air minerl pon rm2.. haha.. just think about it.. and please... make a wise order.. think before u order.. if not.. just prepare yourself to pay for it.. agk mahal la. Huhu.. by the way.. aku da ade kngan.. hehe.. in life.. we should have a lot of memories.. to make our life look happy and we can bring back the memories when we're alone... just like me now.. what a sad day...

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