Wednesday, June 1, 2011


hey guys n gurls out there.. how are u..? i hope u'olss will be fine like me.. ahaks..
ok la.. today i dont want to give a long intro.. i want to make it short entry.

u know what...
every time i look my dashboard,, I will saw there were entry that have "part"
u know what i mean rite..? for example..
- kesah cinta (part 1)
- kesah cinta (part 2)
- ....... and so on la..

so,, i wonder what are they talking about.... I truly DON'T KNOW HOW they wrote the story that have part 1.. part 2 and bla bla bla...

maybe la dorg *tetiba masuk melayu* cerita pasal life diorg kan.

ok la.. fine.. and i have a feeling too to wrote what i've been through all this time..
but u know what.. i can't wrote that..
u know what...
my teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttt dont like it very2 strong..
so,, i have to follow his way..

then,, what should i write other than my story wif my love one??.. haisshh..
ok la.. i cant deny that my teeeet told me that.. we dont have to write on sosial netwoking like blog or facebook about how our relationship goes on.. he told me that "let it be just between two of us" so,, here i am.. have uols eva seen my entry about me and my love..? no write.. haha.. so that's why la..

ok la then..
can uols tell me what can i write in my next entry to make it have part 1 and so on..
blh kasi komen....
wa undur diri dulu ma..

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